When you have been injured at work, the workers’ compensation claim process may feel confusing. Your employer or human resources department may not provide you with the right guidance or could have outdated information.

If you have suffered from a work injury, the right guidance can make all the difference between a claim that is filed properly and swiftly, and a claim that lags on with improper documentation, leading you to possibly lose out on your benefits.

Working with an experienced attorney is beneficial to you as the injured person, but it might also pay off working with a smaller firm on your claim versus a large, well-known firm. You may find the experience more useful for your needs.

Benefits of Working with a Small Firm for Workers’ Compensation Claims

Working with an Actual Attorney

At some larger workers’ compensation law firms, you may think you are signing up for services with an experienced attorney. In truth, that attorney is handling hundreds of cases just like yours, while the paralegals, legal assistants, and other staff are the people actually managing the details of your case.
When you work with a smaller firm on a work injury claim, you not only get to know your attorney face-to-face, but can rest easy knowing he has your case in his hands on a regular basis. That attorney is not simply rubber-stamping the legal staff’s work but has reviewed your claim on their own.

Personalized Attention

If you work with a large firm, you may feel like just a number. There is a chance that, during your meetings, you will have to reintroduce yourself to the staff time and again because some of the part-time workers may not keep hours consistent with your schedule. Additionally, the attorney handling your claim may not remember who you are, which can be frustrating when you are filing a claim for a work injury.

Working with a small team such as the one at the Law Offices of Patrick S. O’Brien, allows our team to get to know you one-on-one and give you our utmost attention and respect every step of the way. For instance, attorney Patrick O’Brien has first-hand experience working with clients who may use Missouri’s Second Injury Fund to their advantage in a workers’ compensation claim.

Knowledge & Experience You Can Trust

Although larger firms may claim to have decades of experience under their belts, they may also have staff and attorneys who practice in a wide variety of specialties. If the firm is big enough, worker’s compensation claims are just a small piece of what they do and may not be the main focus. Like any business, profits can be a large focus, leaving some smaller cases to drag on because of lack of attention.
A smaller law firm dedicated to helping injured workers uses its focus, attention, and knowledge on you and your claim rather than splitting attention across practice areas and focuses. While attorneys and staff in small firms may not necessarily have the manpower of a larger firm, the heart and mission of the team is on your needs, not profit.

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